Equipped for revival

The Australian Worship Network (AWN) is a group of like-minded worshippers and ministry leaders, who are passionate about worship and the local church. Our mission is to champion the Australian worship community, by connecting, equipping and encouraging each other through our collective wisdom and experience. We have a vision to help Australian churches raise up an army of worshippers who are equipped for revival.

About Us

The Australian worship network was founded in October 2019 by Joshua Halls with the desire to connect, encourage, equip and empower the Australian worship community.

As a ministry, we operate through aligned relationships: working along-side one another to meet common objectives which champion the Australian worship community. Trusted leaders from partnering ministries, in relationship with AWN, facilitate initiatives for the benefit of the Australian Worship Community as a whole. Ministries & leaders operate according to their own strengths, giftings and callings in order to achieve goals that are common to both their own ministries and those of AWN. Leaders are always recognised and honoured for their own ministries while undertaking AWN initiatives.

If you would like to find out more about how we champion the Australian worship community, get in contact with us using our online form.

Some of the things we do

- Facilitating our Facebook community (over 4,800 members)
- Zoom worship connects
- Collaborative projects
- Development of resources
- Worship Interviews and Facebook live discussions
- Online training & development of courses
- Worship workshops and conferences
- Facilitate local, regional and national worship gatherings
- Facilitate & support worship relays (online & in-person)
- Partnering with & supporting various ministries
- Collaborative worship writing and recording projects
- Collaborative encouragement, devotions and written projects
- Promotion of partnering ministriesā€™ and their resources
- Connecting and referring members across the nation

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